The factory



The modernization and expansion plan of the Brewery has been worked out to take place in three phases.

• Phase I involved the renovation and extension of its brew house, fermentation and cooling system and carbon dioxide recovery plant. As already indicated, the measure taken has stepped up the brewing capacity of the plant from 750 hl to 1500 hl per day.

• Phase II comprised the erection of a new bottling line to step up the bottling capacity of the plant to 30 000 bottles per day.

• Phase III will involve: the replacement of the old distillery with a higher capacity plant, i.e 5,000 litres per day, to raise the liquor production of the plant 1.7 million to 2.5 million bottles per year;

  • renewing the existing cooling system,
  • Expansion of draught beer production, and
  • construction of a malting plant


The Brewery has also a raw material substitution plan through sponsoring or promoting local production of malting barley, and molasses.


Human Resources

Asmara Brewery has at present 600 employees.

It has a competent managerial staff and innovative technical staff, with many years of experience in brewing and related industries.

It’s Human Resource Development and Human Resource Management policies are geared toward:

  • The recruitment of qualified/skilled manpower,
  • regular factory floor training for all employees,
  • Specialized training for selected employees in appropriate institutions within and outside the country, and
  • Regular consultation and harmonious relationship with its employees' representatives or Trade Union




The factory was renovated and expanded in 1997 with some of the most modern brew house, fermentation, cooling system and carbon dioxide recovery equipment at a cost of about 50 million Nakfa. The major additions made included:

  • A Buhler DFZC-635 hammer mill,
  • A Huppman Mash Tun made from stainless steel, MEURA 2001 Mash filter,
  • A Water and wort heaters from Alfa Laval and
  • A complete piping system. The Brewery has, as a result, doubled the capacity of its brews, from 750 hl to 1,500 hl per day.


The Fermentation section consists of:

  • A A resting tank, with a capacity of 15OHL;
  • A A heat exchange, with a capacity of 80/h1;
  • A A centrifuge, with a capacity of 70 HL/h1;
  • A 5 cleaning- in-place sanitary equipments, of 2500Lts capacity each;
  • A 10 fermenting tanks;
  • A 5 vertical fermenting cellers of 15OHL each;
  • A 16 lager storage tanks of 250 HL each; 32 lager cellars (storage tanks) of 450 HI each;
  • A 5 vertical fermenting cellars of 450 HI each;
  • A yesat storage and propagating tanks; 12 combi tanks (unitanks) made of stainless steel 304, of 1200 HL capacity each; and
  • A A wort cooler, Alfa Laval, of 17. m 3/hr

The Brewery was operating for quite long with two beer bottling lines of 8,000 and 24,000 bottles/hr each In 2003, a new beer bottling line with 30,000 bottles/hr capacity was added. Its present distillery plant has a capacity of 2,200 litres of alcohol and 200 litres of denatured alcohol per day. As part of the extension project which took place in 1997, the following have also been installed;

Two air compressors, ATLAS COPCO_ZT & % with 670m 3/hr each capacity,
A complete cooling plant from GRAM and york
A new Co2 (carbon dioxide) recovery, purification and filling plant with a storage capacity of 15 tons from Haffmans.

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