Asmara Brewery

Asmara Brewery is the first brewery in Eritrea, established in 1939.
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Asmara Brewery was originally established in 1939 in Asmara, where it is presently located. The Present site of the factory was previously used as a depot of road construction materials. It was set up by Eng. Luigi Melotti, an Italian National who came to Eritrea during the Italian colonial period, as an expert in road construction. The factory, to start with, used to produce liquor products based on rudimentary technology.

Asmara Brewery Corporation S.C. was originally established during the Italian colonial period, to start with, to produce alcoholic drinks (liquor) on a small scale. Over the years, the Brewery went through major developments, in terms of product quality improvement, diversification and plant capacity expansion and modernization, to become a highly reputed plant of its kind!

The Brewery will be still further expanded and modernized in order to keep up with the continuous increase in demand for its products and to upgrade further its products' reknowned excellence.

Concerted efforts will also be exerted to penetrate more effectively niche export markets with its products, with the aim of turning it into a net ex-porter by 2010! In this endeavor it will seek to be farsighted, innovative, entrepreneurial and highly competitive. As of 2003, the Brewery was transformed into a share company, with a capital of USD 39 422 000, divided into 394,220 shares of USD 100 par value.

The Brewery is at present one of the leading enterprises in Eritrea that offer proven return! It, therefore, offers a unique opportunity for those who are looking for attractive investment ventures in Eritrea.

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