The present organization structure of the Brewery is as shown hereunder. Unlike its previous structure, it has a Board of Directors, reflecting its conversion from a fully state owned enterprise into a share company. The day to day management of the factory is headed by the General Manager who is responsible to the Board of Directors. It has four major departments: Administration and Finance, Marketing, Production and Technical Services; and three support units: Corporate Planning, Quality Assurance and Internal Audit, which directly report to the General Manager.



Social responsibility and activity

Asmara Brewery has been directly and indirectly involved in various social activities and services. One of its major contributions includes the construction and fully equip-ping of modern maternal ward in mekane Hiwet (Orota) Hospital in Asmara. It was instrumental, by way of special levy on its Beer sales, to the construction of `Bahti Meskerem Square' It has been and still is also very active in supporting various humanitarian and community development activities. It is also very active in the promotion of sport activities in the country. The Brewery's Football Team is among the top teams in the country

The Brewery has participated in numerous domestic and international exhibitions. It has been awarded with many medals and trophies in recognition of its products excellence.

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